Top Tips For Taking Advantage Of Superfast Broadband

Top Tips for Superfast Broadband


The Welsh Government has been massively supporting the development of Superfast broadband in Wales and it can be daunting for any business to know where to start, who to speak to, what’s available and which company offers the best value service and support. So here is a quick guide!



Here we go



1. Preparation 


You are thinking about it but aren’t quite ready for the install. Prepare and plan for it – read up on suppliers and possible prices as well as what is needed from your side. Things to consider are level of disruption, time to complete, best time for the work to be carried out and how much this will impact your business. 



2. It’s all about you 


Don’t get dazzled by all the best all-bells-and-whistles technology that you are offered. Work out what you need and go from there – do you really need warp speed at corporate prices if you are a sole trader or a small business? 



3. You have to action it


Your existing package will in most cases just continue – In many cases, unless you are contacted by the supplier, you need to upgrade – Stay savvy – compare prices, look out for offers and get the right deal.



4. Shop around


As above it’s important to know what’s available in your area and what deals are running – You could get a better deal with a new supplier or play one off against the other if your existing provider doesn’t want to lose you. Definitely speak to a few suppliers and don’t settle for the first thing you are offered.




5. Cloud services


Explore options that enable you to save work, and important data in the cloud. This could save you big costs in particular on big in-house servers or be a good insurance policy should a computer or database crash/theft cause loss of data.



6. Check your existing equipment


Make sure that your existing equipment is up-to-date and compatible with your new installation – Some older devices may struggle handling all this new found speed and power.





Use your new Superfast connection to update your telephony systems by using Voice Over IP Systems. These are often more cost effective than traditional phone line services.



8. Flexible working


Flexible working has become very popular in many businesses especially where family commitments are concerned but also by striking a work-life balance. Flexible working can also be cost effective for worker and employer but make sure you are able to monitor productivity.



9. Before and after


Compare and record your productivity before the installation and after to see how much better your business is functioning and how much productivity has increased. This will also help you to measure future goals.



10. Keep your eyes peeled


Now that you are savvy about your current deal, make sure to keep an eye open as to what other deals are happening around you in the future as well as new technologies coming to market that could benefit your business, in particular as it grows. There could be a need to move from Superfast broadband to Ultrafast.




Airefibre and Ultra-fast Broadband


We are committed to help drive fast internet access for all in Wales. Whilst we are still covering Cardiff and the surrounding area at this present moment, our engineers are working closely with partners, councils, landowners and others to start broadcasting ultra-fast broadband to rural areas. We also recently partnered up with the Radisson Blu in the centre of Cardiff, meaning our transmitters are now on top of their 63 Metre tower, giving us a wider reach not only in the city but also in a 30 mile radius. 


Our technology is different in the way that we can beam high speed internet direct to your premises at speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and upload, compared to the standard connection which is up to 30 Mbps. We’re a Welsh business leading a technology revolution in Wales. Let’s work together. 


Get in touch to see how we can help.



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