£5m Superfast Broadband Funding for 341 Schools in Wales


A recent announcement by the Welsh Government has pledged investment into kitting out 341 schools with superfast broadband. This funding was made available in November 2016 and it’s expected that first orders will be delivered for the academic year 2017/18.



Current speeds


With more demand and increasing speeds needed more than ever in our fast evolving digital age, it was seen as a necessity to start funding Welsh schools and get them using broadband services that will make all the difference not only to learning but also connecting to the wider world. 


Currently, according to the Welsh Government website, schools in Wales have a minimum 10Mbps connection for primary schools and 100Mbps for secondary schools, meaning that some schools are unable to function effectively due to their increased demand and technical limitations. 





Government help

Evolving changes to the curriculum mean that digital skills are no longer only predominantly available to ICT or computer sciences classes but the scheme aims to equip pupils with the necessary tools and skills they need and can apply once they leave school. Kirsty Williams the Education Secretary said:


“I am committed to making sure all our schools have the infrastructure needed to prepare pupils for the modern world. That is why I announced £5 million of extra investment to make sure all our schools have superfast broadband speeds as a minimum and I am delighted 341 schools will benefit from this.


“Making sure every school, no matter where they are based, has access to superfast broadband remains a priority for me. We know demand for broadband speed in schools will continue to increase. It is simply unacceptable for a school to be at a significant disadvantage due to poor internet speeds. I will continue to make sure our pupils have the right environment to develop their vital digital skills and continue to raise standards.”


The Education Secretary also added that the Hwb Digital Learning Platform, which is designed to provide all pupils and teachers in Wales with greater access to a centrally-funded range of online tools and resources, is increasing. The Hwb platform, hosts a national collection of digital tools and resources to support education in Wales. Hwb has been developed in line with the following key principles:


  • to support a national approach to planning and delivery;

  • to enable the sharing of skills, methods and resources between education practitioners in Wales;

  • to support teaching and learning in Welsh and English; and

  • to offer equal access to free, classroom focussed tools and resources for all teachers and learners in Wales.

According to the Welsh Government website, Hwb received over 3.2 million page views and averaged over 28 thousand logins which has significantly exceeded original expectations. it goes on to say that Hwb has: 


  • delivered an enhanced experience for teachers and learners,

  • given quicker access to the tools and resources that are most commonly used.

  • provided changes which were developed following feedback from teachers.




Airefibre and Ultra-fast Broadband


We are committed to help drive fast internet access for all in Wales. Whilst we are still covering Cardiff and the surrounding area at this present moment, our engineers are working closely with partners, councils, landowners and others to start broadcasting ultra-fast broadband to rural areas. We also recently partnered up with the Radisson Blu in the centre of Cardiff, meaning our transmitters are now on top of their 63 Metre tower, giving us a wider reach not only in the city but also in a 30 mile radius. 


Our technology is different in the way that we can beam high speed internet direct to your premises at speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and upload. We’re a Welsh business leading a technology revolution in Wales. Let’s work together. 


Get in touch to see how we can help.



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