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The Welsh Government website recently announced that it plans to further extend fast broadband across Wales. The Superfast Cymru project was completed recently yet continued measures have been announced. We have been reporting continuously on the scheme for the last two years and it’s great to see that the Welsh Government will carry on to deliver connectivity for Wales.



Recap: What is the Superfast Cymru Project?


The scheme began a couple of years ago with the aim of increasing the availability and development of superfast broadband across Wales in particular to businesses but also aiding people and organisations in more remote areas.


According to the Welsh Government, the availability of superfast broadband has more than doubled since the project began. Ofcom figures from December 2017 also state that:


“Wales now has the highest availability of superfast broadband over 30Mbps amongst the developed nations despite the challenges of the country’s topography.”


Furthermore, a thorough testing and verification process is currently underway on the latest data presented by Openreach with the final figures to be announced this spring.




New measures


As part of the new scheme, which is currently out to tender and backed by a funding pot of £80m, the government wants to encourage rural delivery, business prioritisation and ultrafast 100Mbps service speeds.


In addition under the scheme, solutions will be sought for areas which suffer the lowest download speeds along with lower 4G mobile data coverage. Communities will also be kept up to date whether they will be included.


Leader of the House in the Welsh Assembly Julie James commented by saying: 

“Through Superfast Cymru we have fundamentally altered the broadband landscape in Wales, bringing superfast broadband to areas of Wales that simply would not have been connected.


“We must not lose sight of the significant achievement that this large scale engineering project represents. Homes and businesses the length and breadth of Wales are now enjoying the benefits of this investment and accessing digital services.


“Despite the success of Superfast Cymru in transforming broadband connectivity across Wales, there is clearly more work to be done and this Government is committed to taking further action.”




Airefibre and Ultra-fast Broadband


We are committed to help drive fast internet access for all in Wales. Whilst we are still covering Cardiff and the surrounding area at this present moment, our engineers are working closely with partners, councils, landowners and others to start broadcasting ultra-fast broadband to rural areas.


We also recently partnered up with the Radisson Blu in the centre of Cardiff, meaning our transmitters are now on top of their 63 Metre tower, giving us a wider reach not only in the city but also in a 30 mile radius. 


Our technology is different in the way that we can beam high speed internet direct to your premises at speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and upload, compared to the standard connection which is up to 30 Mbps. We’re a Welsh business leading a technology revolution in Wales. Let’s work together. 


Get in touch to see how we can help.



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