Who We Are?

About Airefibre

Airefibre is a Cardiff based ISP established to provide fast broadband speeds to businesses and consumers in Wales.

We can provide broadband over fibre, microwave and copper, we are a Wireless ISP and using this technology, we are able to provide high speed broadband to those places that others simply cannot reach, from our own unique network.

Airefibre and Ultra-fast Broadband

We are committed to drive ULTRA fast internet access for all in Wales and across much of the UK.  Our engineers have been extending the Airefibre Network and we are reaching new areas all the time so its always worth contacting us to see if we can help your area to benefit from high speed broadband.

We pride ourselves on delivering not only the fastest download speeds but also amazing fast upload speeds that traditional networks fail to offer and many users focus on the download speeds but if you send files to others or upload data then that upload speed can decide how long you are sitting and waiting.

Always expanding our network

Airefibre is also able to install in certain areas within a few days, in Rural areas we have developed networks within a few weeks and provide high speeds usually from 50Mb up and down for areas that historically have only ever received ADSL speeds of 2Mb on a good day!