Fibre and wireless broadband

We pride ourselves on delivering not only the fastest download speeds but amazing upload speeds that traditional networks fail to offer.

We offer next generation broadband speeds into areas where most others can only deliver 1-2 Mbps

Our minimum offering is typically 50Mb up and down, 

Through our next generation technology we offer a fully managed voice and data service, this service can help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency and also reduce operational costs, and unlimited data packages to eliminate BT line rental and voice charges.

  • Speak directly to our local team for 24/7 support (no call centers or complicated phone options)
  • Unlimited data – all options competitively priced (we’ll beat most quotes)
  • No unexpected ‘small-print’ price hikes
  • We work to your budget. Microwave (rural connections) Fibre, FTTC, Cloud Services and VoIP Telecommunications
  • Bespoke planning solutions for developers, planners and communities
  • We can use the best equipment for the job as one size does not always necessarily fit all

Airefibre standard packages are designed for businesses that need speed but are working on a budget. Our standard packages ensure
no business is left in the slow lane. Airefibre broadband offers you the next generation broadband services today and not tomorrow. We pride ourselves on delivering not only the fastest Download speeds, but amazing Upload speeds that traditional networks fail to offer.


Key Benefits of Ultrafast Broadband
  • Delivering in areas where national networks fail

  • Affordable packages to meet your needs

  • Multi level onsite and network redundancy

  • Managed router service

  • Rapid installation

  • From 10-200 times faster than current up and download speeds

Ultrafast Broadband Features
  • Speeds up to 1000Mb and more Down and Upload

  • Unlimited Use

  • Rapid Installation

  • Multiple Network Redundancy

  • Onsite Multi-Wan Redundancy

  • Auto Failover to ADSL/3G or 4G/FTTC when available

  • Optional Fixed Multiple IP’s

  • Managed or Unmanaged Service

  • Remote Management

  • Upgrade To Any Package

  • Low Latency typically sub 25ms

  • Encryption

Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme

The UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme with some extra supplements from The Welsh Government

As part of its commitment to achieving full-fibre connectivity in Britain, The Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), the Local Full Fibre Networks programme and the Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme (managed by BDUK) is running a  Gigabit Voucher Scheme. This means any SMEs or Rural properties looking to get connected are eligible to claim a gigabit voucher that contributes towards the installation cost of full-fibre internet connections and if installed can be extended to local residential properties.

What do you need to do, is just complete this form, or call or email us and we will point you in the right direction